Tyco is an ancient angel from the Aztec Era, that have fallen in love with Sai, a devil who was his former rival.


He looks a lot like Raf, ( yellow hair with red high light, with blue outfit).


Tyco & Sai Kiss

Tyco kissing Sai

Tyco is ancient angel lived in the Aztec era. He's in love with an ancient devil named Sai. At first he is afraid of admitting his feelings for Sai for the reason that both angel and devil cannot have matrimony cause it will commit a sacrilege, but soon he realized that he cannot live without Sai and because of that they kiss and comitted a sacrilege. After committing a sacrilege, he was expelled from the angelic world with his beloved, They (Sai and Tyco) undertook the Path of Metamorphoses to become an Earthly one and to live on earth, but, even though they reached the end, they failed and for that he was obliged to go back without Sai.Before leaving Sai, both exchange pets as a sign that they will never be apart from each other. He then remained at the end of the path found under the theater in the 1st Angel's Friend Film, forced to be miserable for many years.

Years later, a theater was built over the area of the Path. When Raf, Sulfus and their friends arrived Tyco tried to frighten them away with a spider that creates illusions of itself. He did this to try and protect them from a powerful force that existed beneath the theater. Thinking that they would be safe if they never found the way to the Sigh of Deception held at bay by the great doors.

Unfortunately the eternals find their way down to the doors anyway when the human girl Jennifer falls down through the floor that had broken. The eternals dive into the hole to find her and in doing so they find him. When the eternals demand to know why he kidnapped her he only says that he won't answer them and for them to leave his theater, but the eternals refuse. Tyco then takes off his cape and Raf and Sulfus recognize him as Tyco, the angel who committed the first sacrilege when he kissed his rival devil, Sai. Tyco is furious and yells at them to not say her name in front of him.

Tyco then says he will fight them and Sulfus challenges him by asking if he thinks he can defeat them all, Tyco answers that he doesn't think, he is sure he can. The battle starts and most of the eternals are defeated until they all decide to use their Prisma Fly against him. With that they are able to defeat him and Tyco goes into a panic when he realizes that the key he's been caring is now broken, the eternals wonder what kind of key is that and Raf manages to calm him down so he can explain to them what's happening.

Tyco tells them that he and Sai found the Path of Metamorphosis, a path that could transform any eternal into human, they had decided to do it so they could be human and be together forever but that the path held difficult tests: tests of fire, flames, snow and ice. At the end they lost and Tyco was forced to leave Sai behind and close the gates so nobody else would adventure inside that path.

Tyco announces that now the Sigh of Deception will be released and will destroy everything and everyone, however Raf doesn't give up and attempts to repair the key, Tyco tells her it's useless when she tries to unite it with her Inflame but fails. Sulfus doesn't want to accept that the only solution is to run away and Jennifer starts mumbling in her sleep which means she'll wake up soon. Raf orders for everyone to go back to the theater and take everyone away while she stays there to try and stop the wind, Tyco agrees and cares Jennifer to safety after wishing Sulfus luck.

Tyco, along with everyone else notes that Raf and Sulfus must have completed their task when the winds die down and stop. Later he along with Raf and Sulfus's friends come back to them and see them kneeled down on the floor with the gate opened and the wind is gone, Tyco says goodbye to the angels and devils and goes into the Path to go look for Sai.