First Appearance: Episode 1
Age (at first appearance): unknown
Origin: Zolfanello City

Sulfer City (english dub)

Affiliation(s): Devils
Personal Color: Maroon (hair)

blue (clothes)

Powers: Guilty Fly

Fust Fly

Rival Angel: Arkhan (Possible)
Assigned Earthly One(s): none
Mascot: none
Love Interest(s): none

Temptel is the same both in the comic and in the cartoon. She is the Devils' teacher. Gas is in love with her, but he's not returned. She teaches "negative Earthly life" in the cartoon and "negative Earthly infancy" in the comic.

She has long maroon hair, wears glasses and a long blue dress.


  1. Guilty Fly: intercepts offenders.
  2. Fust Fly: widens cracks on the walls.
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