Sulfus 01
Voiced by Jason Griffith (English version)
and Simone D'Andrea (Italian version)
Age (at first appearance): 15 flashes old
Personal Color: Red
Powers: Power Fly:
  • Fire Fly (shot fire balls)
  • Macro Fly (growth)
  • Body Fly (booted strength)
  • Prism Fly (wings spreads red chromatic essence)

Angelic Powers:

  • Recover (heals, but drains him if powers are abused)
Rival Angel: Raf, then Miki
Assigned Earthly One(s): Andrew (formally)
Love Interest(s): Raf

Sulfus is a main character of the Devil's group in the series Angel's Friends. He is a 99% Devil, who has come to earth in order to complete the final stage to become a 100% Devil. He is the leader of the devils group which is called Devil Enemies. Sulfus is the most tricky devil of all but while competing with the leader of the angels, Raf, he changed a bit and fell in love with her.

Personality and InterestsEdit

He is described as coldhearted, vain and naughty, with a talent for solo sports and a passion for motorbikes and rock music. Typically he is arrogant, and can usually be seen with a smirk on his face. He seems difficult to motivate, and does not appear to pay much attention in class (in the comic he has to repeat the stage for an unspecified number of times), he is considered "The worse of the class" which seems to be a good quality for the Devils class. He is extremely mischevious and gifted at the arts of deceit and bullying. He has been shown tricking those around him with ease. But in spite of all these 'villanous' qualities, Sulfus is a hero at heart and loves Raf.

First season story

Sulfus first appearence in the cartoon was on episode 1, after laughing at Raf because she was screaming, thinking she had been hit by car. He introduced himself to her and held out his hand but obviously when she was about to take it he tricked her, telling that he bet that she didn't know anything about the V.E.T.O. He is then seen during the first challenge with the same angel due to them being guardians of the same human, Andrew. Sulfus tricked Raf by faking he was drowning so she would get distracted and lose the surf competition, the moment their hands touched there was a big shock that left a red star on them. Sulfus is seen mumbling how it burns and between the episodes 2-4 he is seen wearing a black glove to hide the star which his friends say the glove "is not his style". At the end of episode 4, he finds out the star mysteriously disappeared from his hand, the same goes with Raf.

Unknowingly, both him and Raf were being watched since the very beginning by the Neutral One, Reina, and her servant, Maliki. She chooses them as the ones who will commit the new sacrilege and free her from the prision of Limbo where she has been for years. Both Sulfus and Raf fall in all her traps, first being bite by her black widow,born from the fusion of the handkerchief Raf used to dry her tears and the glove Sulfus wore to hide his sacrilege of breaking the V.E.T.O, that would accelarate their feeling, then they were sent to what seemed a forest and arrested in some kind of cell in a castle, after having freed themselves from the currents they wandered around the castle and entered inside the "Deadly Labyrinth" where they came face-to-face with frescoes of an angel and devil exactly like them, then were attacked by a minotaur.

To protect Raf and lead the creature away from her after she risked her life to protect both of them with the "Rock Fly", Sulfus flew through a broken wall and found a way out but the minotaur attacked him and badly injured him. Raf saved him using Speed Fly before the minotaur could finish him. Sulfus, in pain, told her she was touching him which she answers him "it's not the first time remember?" then he asks her why she came back to him when she could have saved herself in which Raf answers "You never left me alone, I won't leave you either, no matter what happens". Miraculously they managed to escape the minotaur and went through a door that lead them to what seemed to be their school. Sulfus fainted in Raf's arms because of the pain. After being seen by the doctor, Raf is told that his wounds are serious but that with the right treatments he will be fine. The angel went to the room where he was resting and cries over him saying it pains her to see him hurt, in the moment she leans in to kiss him with Reina watching happily but the kiss doesn't happen because Raf is interrupted by hers and Sulfus' friends who came to save them. The spell ends and everything disappears mysteriously as well as Sulfus wounds. After that episode, the teachers call two 100% Guardians to be their body-guards and are no longer guardians of the same human, Sulfus is now rival with Miki and his new human is Matteo, as body-guard he gets a 100% female devil called Misha. She follows him 24/7 which annoys him a lot. Later he and Raf are caught in another trap set by Reina and Maliki, getting trapped inside the "Dark Caves/Caves of Obscurity" with their humans. After having a dip in the pool inside the cave and splashing each other, they find out that their humans can see them while they are in the cave. They are then attacked by some weird octopus that grabs both Raf and Sulfus and pulls them down, the angel uses her "Think Fly" to talk with the devil through minds, they manage a plan and defeat the creature. Raf uses her Think Fly to erase the memory of the humans, the part that they know who her and Sulfus are. Sulfus then asks Raf that when she used Think Fly if she could read his mind, which she answers 'yes', then the devil says that if she did then she must know about his feelings for her, Raf says she knows about it and understands his torture because she feels the same thing, Sulfus almost kisses her but Raf stops him saying they can't do it because he is a devil and she an angel, kissing would be a sacrilege. Sulfus says that to him the rules were made to be broken but that this time he would accept her decision.

After this they seem to grown a bit distant but both get jealous whenever each other's bodyguards get near them, specially Sulfus. During the Tournament of Light and Dark, which unknowingly is being controlled by Reina, Sulfus and Raf are chosen to fight against one another which both don't want to. When the time comes, Reina sends them to another time, a few centuries ago. After finding out they are no longer in the tournament, they decide to not fight against each other, instead they go explore the place and see if there is any way out. There they come across the same angel and devil they saw in the frescoes at the minotaur's labyrinth, Tyco (the angel) and Sai (the devil). They watch as they fight but how the female devil doesn't want to fight because of her feelings for the angel while he keeps fighting her, trying to deny his feelings for her. Raf and Sulfus both argue and the devil flies away following Tyco and Sai, Raf goes after him.

Reina announces to Maliki to get her things ready because very soon she will be out of that prision. After hearing a discussion between Tyco and Sai and see how the devil just wants to love him and stop fighting (just like him) while the angel refuses to accept that he is in love with a devil (just like Raf). Sulfus stops in midair, glaring at Raf and the two fight because the devil thinks that the angel has just been playing around with him and his feelings for her, she tries to stop him but he keeps going until she screams she is in love with him, after recovering from the shock Sulfus tells her to prove it with a kiss which the angel doesn't want to because of the rules however Sulfus keeps thinking that she is just lying and calls her a liar, getting a big slap as response, he slaps her back but immediately regrets it, the fight between them starts and Raf activates her new power "Inflame" wounding him in the arm, he attacks her back using his Body Fly, pushing her roughly against one of the pyramids, when he realizes what he has done he flies after her but it's too late, she hits the pyramid hard and faints, badly injured. Sulfus holds her in his arms and begs her to wake up and to not dare to leave him, he cries and keeps begging her to wake up until an energy surrounds him and he activates his new power "Recover", he gives away his own energy to heal her and she wakes up. She caresses his cheek saying he now has got a new power, an angel power, Sulfus says he didn't mean to hurt her but she silences him saying he has saved her life which Sulfus answers "No, you were the one who saved mine", after those words the two of them gave in their feelings and kiss at the same time as Tyco and Sai do. Tyco and Sai's kiss destroys all their civilization, Sulfus and Raf realize what happened when the two of them kissed and know something like this might be happening in their time however all that happens is an earthquake but the world doesn't end unlike what happened to Tyco and Sai's civilization. They are sent back to their time and after saying they kissed they are punished. First they would only wear two necklaces that takes away their powers but things get worse when the Low and High Spheres send a message saying that they have been expelled from the school, the two of them beg to find out who set this trap on them before it's too late and their teachers go inside the Limbo only to find out that Reina has fleed and only left behind the little dangerous creatures, the Pherox.

At the same time, Urié, Miki and Dolce go inside Raf's dreams to find a proof that their friends' and Sulfus feelings started with a trap and weren't born naturally. Both the angels and the teachers succeed in finding the proves just in time when they were being taken away back to their cities. And so they stay at school but after hugging their friends, they stare at each other sadly which probably meant the same thing was going through their minds "Were our feelings fake all this time?"

Raf and Sulfus return to be guardians of Andrew but the angel quickly gets disappointed with the devil when he tempts the boy into buying some drugs to win the basketball school's match. However her friends tell her that she couldn't except a devil to do good actions because the devils' job is to tempt while the angels' is to guard. Reina throws a Halloween party in her house, the Mistery House but it's just another trap of hers for the angels and devils. Falling like duckies in the trap, the angels and devils accompany their humans, in their human form, to the party. Raf and Sulfus both have the same idea unknowingly the other had the same idea. Sulfus dresses as an angel while Raf dresses as a devil. The devil gets disappointed because he feels like his idea was all in vain because he wanted for once the two of them to not be different. The angel tells him that she did the same because of the same thing which surprises him, she tells him that if for once they weren't so different they could have the chance to be together, to be able to explore their love.

Sulfus then asks her if she thinks that their feelings weren't just born from the bite of the black widow which she answers 'yes' but adds that it won't change anything because they will never be able to be a couple and that they must accept this which the devil answers with a "the more you say this, the harder it is for me to accept it", Raf says one day he will forget her and will fall in love with a beautiful devil, Sulfus says that the only beautiful devil he knows is right in front of him.

They return to the party and the trap starts, the humans fall asleep after drinking some juices with sleeping potions in there, when trying to open a door they realize they can't because they are all covered by a purple light, Reina's light, they realize too late that this is a trap but decide to transform back in their eternal form in case something happens. In that moment a door mysteriously opens and they decide to go in but more traps were settled there and the angels and devils start disappearing, two by two. Kabalé and Dolce are sucked into a mirror, Gas and Miki disappeared between chantilly that seemed to be quicksand and Cabiria and Urié disappear mysteriously inside the air duct. Raf and Sulfus are the only ones left but they quickly are lead to a loft where all the furnishings are covered by white blankets, they start hearing a soft melody and try to find out where it's coming from, they soon find out it's coming from a music box with two figures dressed as bride and groom in there. They soon realize those figures are no other than themselves, after that they fall asleep.

In their dream, the school is getting ready for a great occasion: The marriage of Sulfus and Raf. Sulfus is seen in his human form, at his room already dressed as a groom and staring at the mirror, Kabalé walks in and the ex-devil, ex because he renounced his powers so he could become a human and be with Raf, tells her that all of this seems so unreal which the female answers him that nobody is making him marry her but Sulfus says he knows and that he loves Raf but that it's hard to believe that they are finally going to be together. Kabalé gets jealous and says that it's all true and in some hours they will be husband and wife, Sulfus notices this and tells her to not be like that becausee they will always be friends.

Later at the altar, Sulfus awaits for his bride impatiently and when he sees her, they both smile at each other as they start walking to one another, thinking 'We can finally be together' but this dream is interrupted when Dolce accidentaly lets the bouquet escape her hands and fall on Raf's hands, the bride pricks her finger on the thorns of the white roses and everything starts disappearing. The two of them wake up in the same room which is now all uncovered, the two look at each other and say it was all a dream, Reina who is in the room says it was a dream but that it can become true.

The two quickly get in defense mode and suspicious around the woman in front of them. Sulfus, being hot-headed, attacks the woman with his Fire Fly but she just raises a barrier, the devil then uses his Body Fly but Reina just makes him trip on his own feet and fall. Raf yells at her to leave him alone and helps him up, the woman offers them tea and cookies and they feel like they are being toyed with, Sulfus loses his patients again and smashes the table in two, Reina threatens to hurt him if they don't listen to her, Raf gives in and so does Sulfus but they are still suspicious of her.

Reina tells them to sit down but Raf says she will just listen to her and that's it, the woman tells her that she has reason to be suspicious because she has been lied for a very long time, the angel tells her to not talk bad about her friends which the witch answers by saying that she is her best friend. Sulfus sarcastically calls her great friend and recalls everything she has done to them since the beginning. Reina tells them their friends are fine and shows an image of them all together wondering what happened but they still don't trust her and the devil recalls the moment she sent the black widow to make them fall in love, Reina tells him he is wrong and that he himself was the one saying that she didn't create the feelings between them and that the bite of the black widow was only to annul the effects of the V.E.T.O.

She goes on and says that this was the reason that she always tried to make them stay away from their friends, Raf asks her what does she knows what's good for them which the woman answers her that she knows that they should be free to love each other and that if they think well they will see who is their real enemy. Raf refuses to believe that as well as Sulfus but Reina keeps pressuring and says that they were the ones who punished them when they kissed, the angel says it was fair because they had committed a sacrilege, the witch laughs and says that if it was a sacrilege how come the world didn't collapse just like how it happened with Tyco and Sai, the eternals have no answer and Reina says there isn't one, the teachers had lied to them but especially lied to Raf for a very long time about her true identity. She says that the angel is special and that she isn't what she thinks she has been for years, that she isn't like the other angels because...she wasn't born angel. Raf refuses to believe it, Reina tells her why should she lie to her which the angel answers " want revenge!".

Reina tells her that what she just told her is the reality but Raf refuses to believe she was born human but the witch tells her to not listen to her but to her heart, after that she lets them go. The two of them return to their friends where they lie to them saying they were looking for them instead of saying they had a meeting with Reina. On the next day Sulfus follows Raf and asks her why she has been avoiding him all the day which she says she isn't but its obviously a lie. The devil tells her they have to decided if they should tell the teachers or not about the encounter with Reina and about the fact if she was truly born human and not angel which Raf answers she doesn't know.

A couple of days later, Sulfus finds Raf in the bar after nearly escaping being hit right on the head by a package of juice thrown by the angel, he asks her what's going on using his sarcastic modes which she answers him in a bad mode, he then becomes serious and says he only wants to know what's going on with her, again the angel tells him to leave her alone and turns her back on him but then apologies and says she shouldn't take it all on him, Sulfus says it's Reina's fault for having filled her head with nonsenses but Raf says she told her the truth and shows him the birthmark on her neck because the skin of an angel is perfect and has no marks, this shows that she wasn't born angel. Sulfus asks her what her friends say about this but the girl only avoids eye contact and he understands the message, that she hasn't told anyone but him. He tells her that if she thinks a devil like him can give good advices she is very wrong, she yells at him asking if he can be just her friend and not a devil for at last five seconds, then she apologies again and says that he is who he is, she is the one who doesn't know anymore who is. He tells her that he doesn't know what he would do in her situation but that she has got great friends and offering support is what they're there for. After that he goes away. Sulfus is next seen with Raf stopping an useless challenge between Miki and Gas and he is only seen again on the next episode where Raf asks him to help her enter the Portraits Room, he refuses it and explains it's not because he is afraid because he is Sulfus and isn't afraid of anything and not because he thinks it's wrong because as a devil he makes wrong things, but because something like this isn't something she would do. She yells at him saying that he doesn't know who she is but he retorts back saying he knows what she isn't, that she isn't thief, that the Raf he knows doesn't steal secret formulas or enters in a forbidden room and doesn't hide secrets from the ones she loves. The angel tells him that maybe that Raf no longer exists. He is seen again in the library watching Raf going through many books looking for the secret formula, he teases her saying "to think I was worried about you", she tells him that if he was really worried about her he would be helping her, he, sarcastically, asks her in what should he be helping her, reading? He keeps trying to demove her from that idea but she asks him again to help her which he again refuses. The angel says she will find someone else to say the formula with her. He later finds Raf in the bar and she tells him she was expelled from the class after trying to read Arkhan's mind to find the formula during a test, he laughs and tells her she is a real disaster being bad. His friends come in, after having been expelled as well from the class and talk to him but he just doesn't listen to them due to being too busy staring worried at Raf which annoys them. Raf leaves, not wanting to cause any fight between them.

He later laughs at Raf after she hits against the Portraits Room door after a failed try to go through the door, he says she will never go through that door no matter what, Raf says she has a plan which worries him. At night Raf goes wake him up saying she knows the formula and manages, after some hard time, to convince him to help her enter. The two stand in front of the door and he asks her if she is sure of wanting to do this which she answers it's what she wants most, Sulfus says smiling that if she regrets this, she will regret it by herself because a devil never regrets. They say the formula and the doors open, they both can't believe in how many portraits stand in front of their eyes, the two enter and stare at the portraits of their human and their friends' humans, then Raf says that she doesn't know how she is going to find her parents' portraits, Reina appears behind them with Maliki and says she will never find them.

Reina reveals that she has been using her so she could enter the Portraits Room to take the portraits and so the humans would be fully under her control, Raf and Sulfus ask her why take it on the humans if she wants to have revenge against the devils and angels, Reina answers saying that the reason angels and devils exist is because they work to make the humans decide between the good and bad, if she is the one controlling those decisions then devils and angels will no longer be needed. A fight between them starts and Sulfus activates his Macro Fly to fight against a giant Maliki, who loses, Reina disappointed with her servant attacks herself Raf and Sulfus with the Black Sphere and knocks them unconscious.

The two wake up when it's too late, Reina took all the portraits. Arkhan and Temptel walk in the room shocked with this and ask them what have they done with all the portraits. Sulfus defends themselves and says it was Reina who took the portraits and not them, the teachers can't believe this is happening and make a reunion with the Angel's Friends and the Devil Enemies all together. Raf doesn't say a thing about why they were in the Portraits Room and Sulfus does the same, a few moments later Raf gives in and tells everyone she just wanted to see her parents faces and that she was not born an angel, everyone can't believe that and Raf gets angry at Arkhan because he knew all this time the truth and didn't tell her anything, she goes away with only Sulfus trying to stop her but it's useless.

Arkhan and Temptel leave to fight Reina and retrieve the portraits while the devils and angels watch the fight through the TV's on their classroom's and they all hear Reina's ultimatium "Either they leave Earth and never come back in 48h or she will hurt the humans". They are all ready to give in when Raf comes up with a dangerous plan. Raf fakes that she wants to be on Reina's side and to prove that she destroys the Golden School after fighting against all the angels and devils. What the neutral doesn't know is that everything was an act and that the real Golden School had been hidden by Dolce with her Vide Fly.

Sulfus and the others are only seen about two episodes later when Raf has got the key to open the door of the room where Reina keeps the portraits of the humans. The neutral is after her but as soon as the angel calls them, they all surround her as well as the teachers. The fight begins and Sulfus together with Gas seem to have things under control until Reina launches a typhoon on the firey devil so he is spinning around without stopping but Raf tells him to use the wind to his favour and it works.

Arkhan and Temptel then tell them about the new power: Prisma Fly. Each angel and devil have got a personal color and can upgrade their transformation by using it. Sulfus color is the red. Raf however is the only one who still doesn't have a color because of her human form.

Everyone transforms and use together the power of Prisma Fly to shot at Reina, who mysteriously disappears. All of them make a circle and stay on guard in case Reina decides to appear and attack from any place but the Pherox appear instead and attack them, Arkhan decides to use the White Sphere to defeat the creatures and when that happens, Reina appears from the underground transformed in an octopus, she grabs all of them and sucks all their powers, once all drained she lets them go and they fall on the floor. Not being able to fly or use any of their powers.

The witch warns Raf that if she doesn't give her the key, she will kill all of them. Raf refuses to give the key and Reina starts using all of her friends powers in a negative way against them all. The witch threatens again and the angel doesn't know what to do until she starts hearing Arkhan's voice in her mind. She realizes that because she was born human she still had her Think Fly power and so she uses it to talk telepathically with her teacher who tells her to free all the energy in her. The angel concentrates and a celestial-blue light surrounds her, she begins to transform into her Prisma Fly form under the eyes of surprise of Reina and happiness of her friends. Sulfus calls for her worried about what could happen to her. The angel flies into the sky and frees all of her energy.

Three days later she wakes up in the ward surrounded by all the angels and devils who smile at her, they tell her that she has been sleeping for three days ever since she used her energy to defeat Reina, who now was back in the Limbo but this time was not arrested by currents but inside a black sphere, the portraits returned to the room and the humans don't remember anything about the time they were puppets in Reina's hands.

Raf wipes a tear away remembering Maliki, her father, who died to save her from Reina, Arkhan tells her she will see him again one day. He tells that now the formula from the Portraits Room changes everyday and announces that they have all passed on the first stage and the Summer Vacations have begun, they all celebrate. Later Sulfus goes after Raf when he sees her leave, he calls her and asks her where is she going, she answers him with a smile that she is returning to Angie Town since the vacations have begun. He walks up to her and asks her if she was going to leave without saying goodbye to him, she looks away and says she was afraid it would be too hard, he says he felt the same. Raf then says she heard her mother's voice in her dreams, he asks her how is it possible, the angel answers she doesn't know but that she knows it was her. Sulfus tells her to not worry about it right now and to rest good because on the next year he wouldn't go easy on her.

They say goodbye to each other and Raf flies away into the clouds as Sulfus looks on.

Angel's Friends The Movie: Between Dream and RealityEdit

The movie is based around the Summer Vacations and all starts with a summer course where the angels and devils decide to go after both convincing Raf and Sulfus to go, both not knowning the other was coming because they didn't want to see each other afraid it would be too painful, especially Raf.

When they get there, a masquerade party is thrown and the angels and devils must go with a mask on and on their humans form. Raf can't have fun because her sixth sense is telling her that something will happen, when going for a walk she bumps into Sulfus not knowing its him. When they look at each other, they don't know who is who and decide to go out to catch some fresh air.

They both talk until a blow of wind knocks the masks off their faces and like that they recognize each other, both shocked, Raf tries to go away but Sulfus holds her hand and tells her to wait but she yells at him to let her go, he asks her why is she treating him so bad and if its because she loves someone else. In order to get away from him Raf lies and says it's true she loves someone else, broken hearted Sulfus lets her hand go and yells saying it can't be true but the angel says that angels never lie and he knows that, the devil finally gives in the hard and cold true and cries.

Knowning she had just broke his heart Raf asks him if he is alright and he answers her coldly telling her to go away, she cries and says she is sorry before running away.

The next morning Sulfus says he doesn't want to go to class but his friends manage to convince him and in the classroom all he does is glare down at Raf while all she does is try to avoid eye contact. Their new teachers introduce themselves, Terence being the angels' teacher and Scarlett the teacher of devils. They tell them they are going to teach them the Human Act so they can learn how to act more human and to be between them.

The humans are all cleaning an old theater under the look of their guardians and Edward proposes to do the play of Romeo and Juliet, after some hard time they get convinced and Jennifer accepts being Juliet when being teased by the girls of her class, then asks Andrew if he accepts being Romeo but the boy isn't very comfortable but at the same time doesn't want to disappoint his girlfriend, he leaves to reflect about it.

Raf and Sulfus leave for a challenge and the angel chooses a mountain bike challenge, Sulfus pressures her in saying who she is in love with but she refuses to tell him. With all the pressure Sulfus ends up falling down the mountain but saves himself by flying away, Raf wins the challenge and gets the first move with the human. The boy tries to study the plot of Romeo but sucks at it and Raf appears playing Juliet, he is surprised at how good she is acting. The angel tries to convince him to tell his girlfriend the true that he doesn't know how to act but Sulfus interveins and says that lying is also acting and if he lies he won't break his girl's heart. Andrew gives in Sulfus side.

The angel and devil return back to their friends and see Andrew lying to Jennifer saying that the play is for kids and he doesn't want to play as Romeo. Edward takes this chance to approach Jennifer and says he will play Romeo. Just then a shadow appears and releases a spider who creates illusions of itself to they all walk towards the humans, the angels and devils quickly intervein, Cabiria uses her Dark Fly to turn off the lights while Sulfus uses his Macro Fly to cover the humans with a curtain. Miki uses her Wall Fly to create a wall around the humans and Dolce uses her Video Fly to make all the illusions disappear.The shadow disappears but doesn't give up and says they will regret having entered in his theater.

The humans and eternals all return to their rooms to get some sleep after that long day. Kabalé senses that Sulfus is restless and goes to him asking if he is alright which he answers that it's the wind that is bothering him, she doesn't believe in that and asks him if he is sure, he looks away. She tells him she knows he is thinking about Raf and that she understands him, that it's hard to love someone who doesn't feel the same, she caresses his cheek and says that the heart cannot be comanded and all people can do is wait for the beloved one to feel the same. Sulfus quickly tells her to not fool herself because his heart only belongs to Raf. Broken hearted Kabalé leaves but swears to herself she will have her revenge on him for having rejected her. On the next day the eternals meets the humans in their human form and tell them they will help them with the play. While they are rehearsing Andrew is very jealous of how close Edward is to Jennifer. Later in that night they all have dinner together at the pizzeria and Edward challenges all of them to spend the night at the theater so they can challenge the "ghost" of the theater but in reality this is just to scare Andrew so he can be close to Jennifer.

The angels don't want to but the devils want and so a new challenge begins. This time it's the devils choosing and they chose a rafting race and the devils end up winning after cheating and so they all end up spending the night at the theater unknowingly that the shadow is watching them and has set a trap of them by locking them inside the theater. They all sit down at the stage and start by telling terror stories and after a while they all fall asleep.

But they are awakened by a twinkle and later the cell phones start ringing all at the same time which scares them all, they try to escape from the theater but soon realize they are locked inside. The lights turn on and laughs are heard, they find out it were Kabalé and Andrew who played all those tricks on them. A discussion starts and Jennifer accuses Andrew of defending his little friend and the boy tells her that she is certainly more interesting than her. Hurt Jennifer takes a few steps back, Kabalé and Raf discuss and are only stopped when a crack sound is heard and they see Jennifer falling down the floor that had broken. Andrew tries to go after him but Sulfus stops him.

Raf assures him that they will bring Jennifer back because they know the theater better than them, they tell the humans to go in the sartorial and to stay there until they tell them to leave. The humans obey and the eternals transform and dive into the hole. Lightening, Urié's pet, lights their way through the dark cave and they end up in a huge cave were there are objects all scattered around and a big gate locked with currents. They then find out that the "ghost" was spying on them throught a crystal that gave access to the theater, they look up and see Jennifer unconscious tied in the air by a spider web, the shadow again shows up and says he was the one who found them.

The eternals demand to know why he kidnapped her but the figure only says that he won't answer them and for them to leave his theater, the eternals refuse to leave. The figure lets his cape uncover his body and Raf and Sulfus recognize him as Tyco, the angel who committed the first sacrilege when he kissed his rival devil, Sai. Tyco is furious and yells at them to not say the female devil's name in front of him.

Tyco says he will fights them and Sulfus challenges him by saying if he thinks he can defeat them all, the angel answer that he doesn't think, he is sure he can. The battle starts and most of the eternals are defeated until they all decide to use their Prisma Fly against him. With that they are able to defeat him and Tyco gets in panic when he realizes that the key is broken, the eternals wonder what kind of key is that and Raf manages to calm down the angel and so he can tell them all that is happening

Tyco says that he and Sai found the Path of Metamorphosis a path that could transform any eternal into human, they had decided to do it so they could be human and be together forever but that the path held hard tests: Fire and flames, snow and ice, etc. At the end they lost and Tyco was forced to leave Sai behind and close the gates so nobody else would adventure inside that path.

Tyco announces that now the Sigh of Deception will be released and will destroy everything and everyone, however Raf doesn't give up and says there must be a way to repair the key, the angel says it's useless when she tries to unite it with her Inflame but fails. Sulfus doesn't want to accept that the only solution is to run away and Jennifer starts mumbling in her sleep which meant she would wake up soon. Raf orders for everyone to go back to the theater and take everyone away while she stays there to try and stop the wind, Sulfus agrees with her and Cabiria and Kabalé don't seem very bothered that the angel wants to sacrifice herself however they are surprised when Sulfus says he will stay behind with her. Kabalé, angry, demands him to go back with them.

Sulfus tries to make her understand and Kabalé says that friends are not selfish and aren't jealous like she has been lately and asks for forgiveness which makes the devil chuckle and say that she knows devils never ask for fogiveness. Raf hugs her friends before they, the devils and Tyco who is holding Jennifer return back to the theater. The Sigh of Deception keeps blowing through the gate, theatening to break it, Sulfus and Raf know that it won't take too long before it comes.

Sulfus tells Raf she is amazing and she asks him that if he is saying this then he no longer hates, the devil tells her that he has never hated her, that all he can do is love her even if her heart belongs to someone else. Raf reveals that she has never been in love with someone else, the devil asks why she has made him believe that which the angel answers saying that she wanted him to hate her, to forget about her, that it was the best thing so only like that he could be happy in the future. Sulfus doesn't want to believe that she has endured all of his accusations and anger towards her all this time for his own sake, he then calls himself an idiot for not having realized that before and asks her for forgiveness.

The angel caresses his cheek and wipes away a tear from his eye, she repeats what he has told Kabalé a few moments ago, that a devil never asks for forgiveness. The two of them hear a twinkle and Raf tells him she has been hearing this twinkle on her dreams and those dreams were always about their marriage and on each dream things would change. She stares at the key and remembers that Tyco made that key after having wiped a tear from Sai's eyes when they were forced to be separated. She grabs the key and it repairs magically.

The two arrange a plan and open the gate, Sulfus tries to stop the wind using his Body Fly. Later their friends come back to them and see them kneeled down on the floor with the gate opened and the wind is gone, they all celebrate and Tyco says goodbye and goes into the Path to go look for Sai.

A few days later it's time for the play but Edward who plays Romeo doesn't feel well and during the kidnapping Jennifer has twisted her ankle and so the two of them can't act. Sulfus and Raf are begged by the humans to play the roles of Romeo and Juliet, after so much pressure they give in and accept. The scene changes to a talk between the two lovers after the play.

Sulfus asks Raf if she had excepted this to happen which the angel says she didn't, the devil admits that he has been thinking about the Path of Metamorphosis, that if they were able to complete it and become humans they could be together, Raf says that if they failed they would end up like Tyco and Sai, Sulfus agrees but says that he doesn't know how much longer he can stay away from her, the angel says she feels the same. He asks her what should they do then, after a few seconds of silence Raf answers that they must think carefully and once they return to the Golden School they shall decide together. The two hold each other's hands and bow at the people who clap.

The movie ends after Kabalé and Urié say the prologue of the play.

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