Miki 01
Voiced by Lisa Ortiz (English version)
and Marcella Silvestri (Italian version)
Age (at first appearance): 14 stars old
Personal Color: Blue, yellow and green
Powers: Defense Fly:
  • Wall Fly (defensive wall)
  • Gummy Fly (returns attacks to opponent)
  • Sticker Fly (shots adhesive labels)
  • Prism Fly (wings spreads green chromatic essence)

Angelic Powers:

  • Ice (creates and release ice from nothing)
Rival Devil: Gas, then Sulfus
Assigned Earthly One(s): Matthew (formally), Andrew (currently)
Love Interest(s): Gas
Miki (same in Italian) is a supporting character of the Angel's Friends series. She is a 99% Angel, who has arrived on earth in order to earn the percent she needs to become an complete 100% Guardian Angel. She is Raf's best friend, and a part of the group called Angel's Friends.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Miki Halloween

Miki dressed as a ghost for Halloween

She is more of the 'laid back' type. She is a sort of tomboy, compared to the rest of the group. It seems a little like she flirts with Gas a bit, and scolds him a little.   


Miki wears sporty clothes, she likes flared pants, large sweatshirts and t-shirt. Her blue hair is gathered in a braid that falls on her right shoulder; a tuft is stopped by some colored pegs, one of which is star-shaped. She has light blue eyes and her colors are Blue, yellow and green.


Comic Miki & Urié

Miki (upper left) as she appears in the original comics

Miki is younger, at 9 stars (years). She is a good musician, and plays the bass on the Angle's funk band. She was held back a year for breaking the V.E.T.O., by trying to heal her Earthly one.


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