Miki 01
Voiced by Lisa Ortiz (English version)
and Marcella Silvestri (Italian version)
Age (at first appearance): 14 stars old
Personal Color: Blue, yellow and green
Powers: Defense Fly:
  • Wall Fly (defensive wall)
  • Gummy Fly (returns attacks to opponent)
  • Sticker Fly (shots adhesive labels)
  • Prism Fly (wings spreads green chromatic essence)

Angelic Powers:

  • Ice (creates and release ice from nothing)
Rival Devil: Gas, then Sulfus
Assigned Earthly One(s): Matthew (formally), Andrew (currently)
Miki (same in Italian) is a supporting character of the Angel's Friends series. She is a 99% Angel, who has arrived on earth in order to earn the percent she needs to become an complete 100% Guardian Angel. She is Raf's best friend, and a part of the group called Angel's Friends.she was held back for one year.

her love intress should be gas because it would be like raf and sulfur but with Miki and Gas.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Miki Halloween

Miki dressed as a ghost for Halloween

She is more of the 'laid back' type. She is a sort of tomboy, compared to the rest of the group. It seems a little like she flirts with Gas a bit, and scolds him a little.   


Miki wears sporty clothes, she likes flared pants, large sweatshirts and t-shirt. Her blue hair is gathered in a braid that falls on her right shoulder; a tuft is stopped by some colored pegs, one of which is star-shaped. She has light blue eyes and her colors are Blue, yellow and green.


Comic Miki & Urié

Miki (upper left) as she appears in the original comics

Miki is younger, at 9 stars (years). She is a good musician, and plays the bass on the Angle's funk band. She was held back a year for breaking the V.E.T.O., by trying to heal her Earthly one.