Marakai 01
Voiced by Dan Green (English version)
and Diego Sabre (Italian version)
Age: nearly 200 years old
  • Angelie (wife)
  • Raf (daughter)
Powers: Reina's Protection:
  • Black Shield (defensive sphere)

Maliki (Malachia in Italian) is an Earthly One who serves Reina as a mind-controlled slave and henchmen to get Raf and Sulfus to love each other. He was an alchemist in 1800's and Reina's Earthly one; he turns out to be Raf's true father. He sacrifices his life to save his daughter's.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Marakai 02

Maliki disguised as a Hotdog Vender


In the original Italian comics, Maliki was the main antagonist. He was a Devil who gave up his eternal life because he loved a human woman, Vera. When she left him, he decided to take revenge of Angels, Devils and humanity. He had raised an army of ancient creatures, called the Reliveds to threaten the world. Angels and Devils form an alliance to fight against him.

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