Voiced by Elisabetta Spinelli (Italian version)
Age: 14
Relatives: ??? (mother)

??? (father)

Assigned Angel: Uri
Assigned Devil: Cabiria

Jennifer (Ginerva in Italian!) is an Earthly One from the high school, and is very shy.

Personality and InterestsEdit

She is a charming and shy girl of 14 years. She is really beautiful, shy and so vary sweet. She don't like the other girls because she thinks they are really arrogant. She nearly hate them. She had a crush on a boy named Niko before she fallen in love with a charming boy named Andrew. Well, she have to chose: (to believe to angels or a devils)so much time in the show.Even she looks shy she is brave,decisive and kind sure.


In the comic, Jennifer is guided/corrupted by Ang-Lì and Mephisto.

Trivia Edit

She apparently has a large uvula when being examined by Uri

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