The Golden School is the oldest school of mortality and temptation, where young Angels and Devils learn to become full guardians through internship. This school has a strange duality, in that it looks like normal school to mortal ones, but the building also have a lot of hidden areas for Angels and Devils. The secret area have class rooms, dormitories, game rooms with simulated environments, a large library, a clinic, and a vault that holds the portraits of every free-willed mortal in the city.

Much of the invisible areas of the campus are segregated into Angels and Devils areas. There are class rooms and dorms for both Angels and Devils. The Angels' dorms are called the "Dreaming Rooms" (Sognatori in Italian), while tho Devils' dorms are called the "Incubator" (Incubatori in Italian). The clinic has a common waiting room, but separate nurse's offices—both with have an Angel and Devil physician. The library is a common area, with twin librarians—also an Angel and Devil. The Challenge Rooms (Aula Sfida in Italian) are used by Angels and Devils to settle disputes—usually to be the first to guide or corrupt a mortal. The portrait vault is off-limit to students because of the actions of the disgraced ex-Angel Reina. The only way into the vault is with an Angel and a Devil giving a statement while holding a door handle, and only the Professors have privy to what needs to be said.



  • The black bust on Raf's shelf is the mask and helmet of Darth Vader, from Star Wars. A strangely ironic thing for an Angel to have.
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