Gas 01.jpg
Voiced by Dan Green (English version)
and Luca Bottale (Italian version)
Age (at first appearance): 15 flashes old
Personal Color: Orange
Powers: ?? Fly:
  • Quake Fly (creates earthquakes)
  • Burger Fly (creates builders)
  • Fat Fly (makes targets bloated)
  • Prism Fly (wings spreads orange chromatic essence)

Devil Powers:

  • Magnetic-Force (pulls in metal objects)
Rival Angel: Miki (formally)
Raf (currently)
Assigned Earthly One(s): Matthew then
The Twins
Love Interest(s): Temptel (formally)
Miki (currently)

Gas is a supporting character of the Devil's group in the series Angel's Friends. He is a 99% Devil, who has come to earth in order to complete the final stage to become a 100% Devil.

Personality and Interests[edit | edit source]

A friend of Sulfus's a bit dummy, he's fat because his passion is eating, above all pizza, hamburger and ice cream. His Angel rival is Miki, later Raf. He has a crush on his teacher, Temptel, but she finds him annoying. He tries to act tough, but is the most harmless Devil. His lack of personal hygiene and casual rudeness makes him the least like devil.

His mascotte is Croak (Gracida in Italian) the frog, who rest on his bracelet with studs.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Gas 02.gif

Gas has no interest in fashion and wear what happens to be comfortable. He usually wears dark red, black or lilac t-shirts and baggy trousers. He always wears sunglasses - even in class - and loves piercings and studded bracelets. He has short orange hair and brown eyes.

Comics[edit | edit source]

Gas is younger, at 10 flashes (years). Like in the cartoon, he enjoys eating and laziness. He plays the keyboard is the Devil's rock band.

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