Gabi 01
Voiced by ? (English version)
and Davide Albano (Italian version)
First Appearance: Season 1: Episode 21
Age (at first appearance): Unknown
Origin: Angie Town
Affiliation(s): Angels
Powers: Star Fly:
  1. Web Fly: catches the opponent in a net
  2. Maxin Fly: blinds the opponent with rays of light
Rival Devil: Misha (possibly)
Assigned Earthly One(s): Alessia (comics)
Mascot: Unknown
Love Interest(s): Raf (temporarily)

Gabe (Italian: Gabi) is a supporting character in the series Angel's Friends. He is a 100% Angel.

Appearance Edit

In the cartoon, he wears an open shirt and dark trousers. Having already graduated, his wings are bigger. He has reddish brown hair and green eyes.

Comics Edit

In the comics, he was born in Angie Town, where he always comes back during the weekend. It is 11 stars, rational, clever and lively, but careless. In the band, he plays the keyboard. His Earthly one is Alessia. Gabe is fond of puzzles and computer technology: thanks to his PDA (the Celeston), he is able to predict the behavior of the Earthly ones. He is secretly in love with Raf. He has light brown hair, brown eyes and green wings and halo. His mascot is the bee Ginger, which turns into a carabiner, attached to a belt loop of his trousers.

Cartoon Edit

In the cartoon, he is a Guardian Angel, he's called on Earth by Arkhan to keep Raf away from Sulfus, pretending to be her tutor. In episode 1x21, he stops being Raf's tutor, as the Angel chooses to forget Sulfus, but he's bitten by Reina's spider and falls in love with Raf, deciding to stay by her side. After the sacrilege, he return to Angie Town instead of Raf.

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