Voiced by Massimo Di Benedetto (italian version)
Age: ??
Relatives: ?? (mother)

?? (father)

Assigned Angel: Sweet
Assigned Devil: Kabale

Edward (Edoardo in Italian) is a preppie of an affluent family. His parents are divorced and he lives with his mother. His best friend is Charles.

Personality and InterestsEdit

He is generally materialistic and believes that he can better himself with the right toys. For example, he believes that with a cool motorbike or an expensive sports car, girls would flaunt over him. At one point, he had to choose between giving the money he won over Charles - who raided his family's emergency savings - or buying a new motorcycle.

His parents are estranged, and his father tends to neglect him do to his work.

He has a crush on Jennifer.

The ComicsEdit

In the comic, he has a passion for business and making money. His guardian/corrupter are Miki and Kabale. He has a crush on Mara.

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