The Angel's Friends

The Devil's Enemies

The monthly publication of the comic Angel's Friends by Play Press began in March 2007; it then turned bimonthly. The printed version was edited by Red Whale and Yellow Whale, scripted by Bruno Enna and drawn by Giada Perissinotto. The publication was interrupted in January 2008 with the release of Chapter 14,A Spark in the Heart.

A second version of the comic, based on the cartoon, was published bimonthly by Preziosi Collection since 2009, in Angel's Friends Magazine. It was interrupted after the release of No. 4.

Plot[edit | edit source]

While Angels and Devils are attending their stage on Earth, the planet is threatened by ancient creatures, the Reliveds, lead by a mysterious man called Maliki. He was a Devil who gave up his eternal life because he loved a human woman, Vera. When she left him, he decided to take revenge of Angels, Devils and humans. Angels and Devils form an alliance to fight against him.

Comic characters[edit | edit source]

  • Angels: Raf, Gabe, Miki, Uri and Ang-Lì.
  • Devils: Sulfus, Cabiria, Kabale, Gas and Mephisto.
  • Angels' mascottes: Cox, Ginger, Lula, Lightning and Zeppo.
  • Devils' mascottes: Basilisk, Aracno, Nosferatu, Croak and Okkio.
  • Teachers: Arkhan and Temptel.
  • Earthly ones: Andrew, Alessia, Edward, Mara, Jennifer and Raoul.

Differences between comic and cartoon[edit | edit source]

  • In the comic, the main characters are younger: in fact, while in the cartoon they are the same age as Raf (15 "stars" old, "flashes" as for the Devils), in the comic the heroine is 12, Uri 11 and Miki 9; Sulfus is 13, Kabale and Gas 10, Cabiria 11.
  • Sweet, Misha and Reina don't appear in the comic, while the Angel Ang-Lì, the Devil Mephisto and Raoul, the Earthly one loved by Raf, aren't shown in the cartoon.
  • In the comic, some passions of Angels and Devils, absent in the cartoon, are shown. For example, Raf is keen on ecological remedies, above all beauty masks and infusions, Miki is a music expert, Kabale loves chemistry, alchemy and numerology. Cabiria likes films, cartoons and comics and she's director and illustrator. Gabe is a genius of technology and uses a handheld.
  • In the comic, the Angels are part of a funk band, in which Raf is the vocalist, Gabe plays the keyboard, Miki the bass, Uri the drums and Ang-Lì the sax. The Devils have their own rock band: Sulfus plays the bass, Kabale the electric guitar, Cabiria the drums, Gas the keyboard and Mephisto is the vocalist.
  • In the comic, Miki is repeating the school year because she tried to heal her Earthly one, breaking the V.E.T.O.. Sulfus is multi-repeating and more seducer than in the cartoon.
  • The character design of the cartoon is far different than the comic one.
  • In the comic, being the average age of the characters lower, Arkhan and Temptel don't teach "positive Earthly life" and "negative Earthly life", but "positive Earthly infancy" and "negative Earthly infancy".
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