Cassidy and kubral are the two enemy's of Sulfus and Raf and their are the legendary worios of angels and devils. ever since the Libra of the VETO was built they were removed from their hosts.

however they have never excepted the truths between angels and devils so they kidnapped Angele rafs mother. They did everything they could to start another war and they would have succeeded there again if the Libra of the VETO wouldn't have spread its power all threw out creation.It was then that the two generals realized that in order to start another war they needed to destroy the Libra of the VETO. In order to do that they needed Raf's explosion star angelica because Raf is the only eternal that has the power so strong that she dosent know how to control it. when's the Libra of the VETO would be destroyed the war of the thousand century's can resume again. but first Cassidy and kubrol needed to find the Libra so they blackmailed sulfus ,they ordered sulfus first to ignore Raf then act like everything is fine between then after that they told them to manipulate sweet to kiss him in from of Raf that would cause her to be so jealous that would be the excoudinate vibration the kind that can discoronite all threw out creation. its power would leed Cassidy and kubrol to the Libra of the VETO. then they started to hurt sulfus in front of Raf so so she would again explode in the angelic star, that would destroy the temple of the VETO.and that Cassidy and Kubrol could resume their never ending battle,and when the commit of destiny would arrive on earth they would decide who wins and who loses and the losers would disappear forever, and the earthly ones would be forced to be completely good or totally evil. But after destroying the Libra of the VETO the two generals have upset the universal balance but after being defeated by the generals Raf and Sulfus have restored the universal balance theirs a new truths between angels and devils opponents forever but never again deadly enemy's.

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