Blue af.png
First Appearance: season 2 episode 1
Age (at first appearance): 15 flashes old
Origin: Sulfur city
Personal Color: black and purple
Powers: hypnosis:
  • panther claw (her nails get really long and can cut through anything)
  • dark bite (bites her opponent and injects poison that can control them)
Rival Devil: Kubral, then Cassidy
Love Interest(s): Sulfus (formal crush)

Blue (Italian: Blu) is one of the main villians in Season 2. She works for the Blackmailers that kidnapped Raf's mother, Angelie, and only follows their orders because they promised to help free "her people". Blue ends of falling in love with the devil Sulfus but its a short lived romance after Sulfus uses her feelings for him against her in an attempt to escape the prison he was kept in. Blue seems to be skilled in magic just like Reina, after going up against Sulfus several times and winning. Blue also seems to have personal ties to Reina as seen in Season 2 episode 17 when she's sitting in a chair somewhere in Reina's house (compare the furnace designs) Season 1 episode 50.

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Blue is a fallen angel that first appears in Season jwqbqidiq qwnqojdqw2 episode 1. She is a pale  teenage girl with lightish blue hair that falls down her back and ends at her waist and chest, with a small piece of hair that falls over her right eye. She has blood red eyes, blue grey eyeshadow the color of her hair and a small portion of both her eyebrows shaved off. She has a dark purple spiral marking under her left eye that matches the markings on her clothes. She has dark purple wings that glow a weak purple light, that bend down instead of up like most angels. Her black and purple hooded dress sports small spirals all around and a frilly trail at its base.cuvbquwvbqic hqcuqv qviqhvubqjuqwbuqnkcbuic quvquchiqjqbuqfqnif qcqcItalic c wjbc qwhvbqjcoqw uqbcijqocjqcbuqviq qubqwicqw uqwbuqwhcqujwdh12ufcf cihqwvhqicmw qwivqobcjqjfuck qudqidqmqbcjqicbqwcifhqicqwfufhwdpqcujqcnqjhcqiqvbiffhiiqbciqhc uwjocqc qhcqihvyqcnwiovhqfoiqnwivq.n qdunwnfcuqc qiwb wfqwhciqncj qvcnqiocbhq ivbqjncoqv

Personality[edit | edit source]

Blue is an obedient fallen angel who diligently follows the orders of Cassidy and Kubrall in hopes of freeing her "people". She will do anything to get what she wants whether its freeing her "people" or getting revenge on Sulfus, as long as it doesn't interfer with her orders.

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